In “Build a high-capacity backup solution on a limited budget,”  TechRepublic contributor Rick Stefka described how, in an effort to improve performance and reduce costs, he and his staff decided to eschew vendor offerings and come up with a high-capacity backup solution on their own. (Figure A shows a high-level view of the architecture used for the separate backup network.)

Figure A

The article sparked quite a bit of interest. In the discussion that followed, many members requested that Rick follow up with the specifications of the backup system. Rick has compiled those specs and offers them as a download, which you can access by clicking here. In the download, Rick has included hardware and software requirements, Exchange environment considerations, domain controller considerations, and details on the backup network reporting system (including the architecture and application process). Figure B shows the basic application architecture of the reporting system that is described in the download.


Also included in the download are the application process, system components, sample code, and a sample pivot table showing original and created fields.

If you’ve priced vendor solutions and didn’t like what you saw, take a look at this download. You may be able to build your own backup solution instead—and save some money in the process.