As an independent consultant, one of the most basic things you’ll need is a way to keep track of the hours you’ve worked for your clients. While there are plenty of you who have efficient methods to track your billable hours, there are others who are probably scribbling “Worked 4 hours on Wed. (Web design)” on yellow sticky notes.

So whether you’re meticulously organized or you’re ridiculously unorganized, we have a solution, or two, for you: two Excel spreadsheets to help keep track of billable time.

Both were sent to us from TechRepublic members after we asked readers a few weeks ago to send in their best spreadsheets.

The first comes from Judi Hartell, an Austin, TX-based consultant with DataDawg, an IT consultancy for small to midsize businesses. She uses the spreadsheet in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook’s journal timer. Each session has a journal entry with detail, and the summary is entered on the billing template.

We received the second from Dale Brandt in Vernon Hills, IL. This spreadsheet includes a large field for lengthy descriptions of tasks.

Coming soon…

When we asked our members to send us spreadsheets, we received quite a few links to sites that offer paid and free spreadsheet applications. We’re compiling them now and plan to feature them in an upcoming download. If you didn’t send us a suggestion the first time, do it now!