Download these strategies for CIOs facing new e-business leadership

Have you been chartered with creating your company's e-business strategy? Find out why CIOs should think twice before accepting the challenge and learn what experts say is a better way to create effective e-business leadership.

Gartner predicts that by the end of 2001, the Webmaster title will disappear. (TechRepublic is an independent subsidiary of Gartner, an international research firm.) Many companies will look to their CIOs to replace the position. With this new trend in mind, how will the CIO fit into the new leadership model for e-businesses?

That depends on what path the CIO takes. Experts warn that CIOs charged with leading e-business initiatives are risking their careers if they don’t first make sure that executive management signs off on a business strategy.

In our “Winning strategies for CIOs and the new e-business leadership” download, we asked e-business experts what type of leadership structure companies should adopt to succeed in the new economy. In particular, we asked them how CIOs and CTOs fit into this emerging leadership structure and what role IT executives will play as more agencies evolve into e-businesses.

Download this resource now so that you have access to:
  • An examination of the evolution of e-business leadership.
  • Clear definitions of the two key leadership roles needed to succeed online.
  • An outline of the role of CIOs and CTOs in an effective e-business.
  • Statistics that you can plug into presentations and documents about e-commerce and the new economy.
We’re curious: What are the essential IT roles companies need to create an effective e-business team? And what skills must those employees have? Share your opinion by e-mail or by posting below.

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