Download these three stakeholder analysis tools

Knowing who the stakeholders are and what they want is key to ensuring your project satisfies your client's directives. Download these three stakeholder assessment tools to help you gather information and facilitate better communication with key players.

TechRepublic writer and IT consultant Lauri Elliott has fashioned three tools to help you make your next project a success. Download these tools to identify the project’s key stakeholders, uncover their motivations and commitment to the project, and keep them informed in the best possible format.

Here’s a quick look at each tool.

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These items first appeared on TechRepublic as graphics in an article series on gathering critical stakeholder information. To learn more about how to use these tools, read the articles in the series:

Tool one: Stakeholder Assessment Map
Elliott's Stakeholder Assessment Map provides an overview of each player’s motivations, interests, influence, and impact on the project. Fill in the map during the initial stages of the project and use it as a checkpoint to validate and reevaluate player positions during later phases.

Tool two: Stakeholder Reporting Matrix
The Stakeholder Reporting Matrix helps the project manager ensure that he or she is communicating effectively, and in the best possible fashion, with stakeholders. For example, do the executive-level strategists involved want to be informed of every detail, or do they want a biweekly account of major progress points? Would they prefer a spreadsheet or a bulleted list of pertinent information?

To get you started, Elliott has provided a general framework of reporting needs for several different types of stakeholders.

Tool three: Stakeholder Analysis Table
After you've learned about all the stakeholders for a particular project, it's important to analyze the data you've collected. Elliott offers a sample analysis table to help you determine the significance of each player.

By ranking the level of each stakeholder's commitment and influence, you can easily determine whose support you need to secure.

Download the tools
Download these three tools in an easy-to-modify Word document format or browse them in PDF form. Use them as a springboard to create your own stakeholder identification and analysis tools.

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