Wise people view challenges as opportunities—and that certainly includes wise admins. The arduous and complex task of relocating a server room or data center is one example of how the challenge-as-opportunity principle works in IT. The process can be full of pitfalls and aggravations, but if it is handled correctly, your IT infrastructure can end up being much better documented, more organized, and easier to manage.

These results are amply illustrated in the experiences that one IT department had when it consolidated two offices and moved them to a newly renovated building. In the process, the department had to extensively document and rebuild its entire IT infrastructure at the new location.

After the dust had settled, two of the IT pros involved in the move analyzed the ups and downs of this undertaking and described the process they went through, the decisions they made, the problems they encountered, and the lessons they learned. You can read about their experience by downloading “Case study: Relocating a server room.” You’ll get a firsthand look at every aspect of this project, including:

  • Developing a timeline.
  • Negotiating with contractors.
  • Documenting activities to keep the effort coordinated.
  • Working with a teleco and an ISP.
  • Planning and building the new infrastructure.
  • Testing connectivity.
  • Preparing users for a seamless transition.

The insights and suggestions in this document will help you survive your own relocation challenges—and show you how you can reap the benefits that such a move can ultimately bring your IT department.

What advice do you have for relocating a server room?

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