Developing applications for e-business raises a host of new challenges, not just for developers, but for IT managers as well. For instance, Web-based applications require the creation of highly scalable applications and the use of component-based development. From a management standpoint, what do these new requirements mean?

In Developing E-Business Systems and Architectures: A Manager’s Guide, authors Paul Harmon, Michael Rosen, and Mike Guttman address these questions. The book is designed to help IT managers create a battle plan for shifting applications to an e-business environment. It is written specifically for executives and managers of large and medium organizations.


Developing E-Business Systems and Architectures: A Manager’s Guide

By Paul Harmon, Michael Rosen, and Michael Guttman,
Morgan Kaufmann
Date published: November 2001
304 pages
ISBN: 1558606653
Price: $49.95 at

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The authors are experienced IT veterans. Harmon is the editor of the Component Development Strategies newsletter and a senior consultant with the Cutter Consortium. Rosen, a 20-year veteran in distributed computing technologies, is chief enterprise architect at Genesis Development Corporation, an IONA Technologies’ Company. Guttman is chief technology officer and cofounder of Genesis.

Through a special arrangement with Morgan Kaufmann, publishers of technical information resources for computer and engineering professionals, TechRepublic is offering chapter 4, “E-Business Applications,” as a free download. In this chapter, the authors examine the challenges of the e-business environment, including:

  • How customers use the Internet and how they expect Web-based applications to work
  • The shortened product life cycle
  • Component-based development
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • The challenges of large-scale e-business applications

This chapter provides a good starting place for any IT manager who is considering development of online applications.

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