You’ve written a Java program, you’re happy with the results, and now you’ll turn it over to your client, right? Wrong. Everyone needs an editor, and if you’re smart, you’ll ask a colleague to review your code and check for quality assurance (QA) issues.

To help wind up the development process on Java programs, you can download the Java code review checklist developed by Compulink Systems Pvt. Ltd. The checklist can be a simple and effective way to keep the review process on track and derail any unconstructive criticism.

Why review your code?
The review process is a way to ensure a quality product and should be a part of any development project plan. Reviews should be built into the design, analysis, coding, testing, and deployment stages of development, and should follow a formal procedure to ensure consistency at every stage.

The Java code review checklist is offered as an HTML document that’s easy to distribute electronically and can be used by every member of your development team. It includes three main sections:

  • Naming conventions
  • Need for documentation and documentation conventions
  • Error handling

More about product testing

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About the authors
Compulink Systems specializes in offshore development and has offices in Kothrud, Pune, India, and Irvine, CA. The firm is ISO 9001-certified and a Certified Microsoft Solutions Provider. In 1998, it received the MCCIA Tata Honeywell Award, given for the best efforts made by small-scale industry, in and around Pune, India, for quality improvement and quality systems. Compulink uses generally accepted methodologies and has extensive experience with clients in various industries—traits that are reflected in the checklist.

How do you structure code reviews?

If you’re a software development consultant or project manager who oversees a development team, how do you ensure quality at every level? Send us an e-mail or post your comments below.