All projects have issues. But that fact doesn’t mean that your project has to suffer. A good project manager is always prepared for problems by looking out for new issues and documenting each one’s progress and resolution.

To help you prepare for these problems, TechRepublic is offering this project issues log, which will keep serious issues in check. This log was created by TechRepublic contributor Tom Mochal, author of Project Mentor columns and creator of the TenStep Project Management Process.

The log works by summarizing each issue and documenting all relevant information about that problem. You should use it to track unresolved issues and make sure that a solution is in the works. Here’s a quick how-to:

  1. Document an issue, including details such as the date and who reported it.
  2. Determine a priority for the issue (high, medium, or low).
  3. Assign the issue to a project team member. The issue can be scheduled for resolution to better manage the team member’s time and effort.
  4. Track the status of the resolution (open, in progress, or closed).
  5. Document the process by which the issue was resolved. This will help the team note any lessons that can be learned from the experience.

The project issues log can be used in conjunction with Mochal’s issue submission form, which allows project managers to capture, screen, prioritize, and evaluate issues. When using the issue submission form, each of the submissions can then be mapped into one row on the project issues log.

Download this helpful tool now to ensure that you keep your project’s issues in check.
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