Vendors plying their wares and products constantly approach tech leaders and staffers, so it’s important for tech professionals to know what type of behavior their employer expects.

While it may seem safe to assume that most employees know that accepting gifts from a vendor isn’t allowed, it’s always best to have a set, official policy on hand. New employees should receive the policy and disclosure form when they are hired, and the company should review these documents periodically to make sure everyone’s aware of the proper conduct when dealing with vendors and partners.

Download this vendor relationship policy and disclosure form template to get this critical administrative tool in place.

Why you need a policy
A policy for establishing proper vendor relationships and employee conduct lets all parties within the enterprise know what behavior is permitted, not allowed, and where exceptions could come into play.

It’s also a good policy to have on hand for outside consultants and third-party partners, as they should follow set company policies as well.

For the enterprise, a set policy and signed disclosure form protect the corporate integrity and shield the company in terms of liability and confidentiality—all critical aspects of doing business today.

Use this policy template to provide your IT employees with guidelines for making decisions when working with vendors and partners. Also included in the download is the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form, which employees can submit to either disclose pertinent information about vendor relationships or to request permission to engage in activities described in this policy.