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Without efficient and effective communication with team members and stakeholders, you put your project in grave danger of failure. Download our Project Communication Plan to make sure communication pathways stay open.

The ultimate success of any IT initiative often rests on the project manager’s shoulders. As the point person, the project manager not only has to make sure that team members, customers, and stakeholders get project information when required but he or she must also facilitate the sharing of that information among the team members.

Clear, pertinent communication is the key to making sure the vital project details get into the right hands at the right time. Although it may sound easy to do, looming deadlines and other project-related issues can thwart even the best communication intentions.

That’s why experts advise creating a detailed approach so that communication doesn’t slow or stop in the project process. Make sure you've got your bases covered by downloading this communication plan from project management guru and TechRepublic columnist Tom Mochal.

This plan, according to Mochal, can help establish an efficient and effective communication methodology for status data and project information. Effective communication, explains Mochal, means providing information in the right format, at the right time, and with the right impact.

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