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Good project management skills won't protect you from all problems, risks, or surprises, but they can help you guard against and deal with such incidents. We?ve got a project management best practices guide from Project Mentor Tom Mochal that can help.

According to Tom Mochal, when good project management practices are missing, these problems are likely to occur:
  • Projects are completed late, over budget, or not meeting the functionality requirements of your customer.
  • Weak standard processes and techniques are used inconsistently by project managers.
  • Project management is reactive and is not seen as providing value.
  • The time required to manage projects proactively is not built into the workplan, since it is considered “overhead.”
  • Projects are “successful” in spite of a lack of planning and project management, although heavy stress and overtime work occur throughout the project life cycle.

Although good project management skills don’t eliminate all problems, risks, or surprises, they do provide you with standard processes for dealing with such incidents.

Mochal, author of The Project Mentor columns for TechRepublic and creator of the TenStep Project Management Process, also stresses that a good project management methodology provides a framework, process, and set of guidelines and techniques to greatly increase the odds of being successful.

Download Mochal’s project management best practices
Tom Mochal has crafted a project management best practices guide using a migration from Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 as an example. Download it now and get a better handle on your projects today!


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