Download this quick primer on government contracts

Would you like to get a paycheck from Uncle Sam for a change? TechRepublic explains how you can win contracts with the federal government in this quick primer.

Are you interested in offering your IT services to the biggest customer in the U.S.? If so, you may want to think about trying to land a contract with the federal government.

The federal government’s contracts account for $40 billion in goods and services. There are contracts available for everything from milk and toothpaste to stealth bombers. And these days, the fed’s need for technology upgrades and services is greater than ever.

But just how do you go about landing a government contract? Where do you begin when dealing with such a behemoth? The tips and guidelines offered in our primer give you contacts, legal forms and information. Download it now.
Should consultants and contractors target the federal government as a potential client? Or are they better off selling their services to the private sector? To share your thoughts, post a comment below or send us a note.

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