Today, the average IT professional spends just four years at one job, according to people3, a Gartner company and an IT human resources consulting firm.

So, if you’re going to climb the IT ladder, then you’re likely going to move—to a new company, a new career, and probably a new city—sometime during your career. All of that adds up to a lot of stress. In fact, the Employee Relocation Council has found that moving is the third most stressful event in most people’s lives, following only death and divorce. But there is help, and fortunately, most of your moving needs can be handled with the click of your mouse.

Relocating at Internet speed

Download TechRepublic’s relocation guide for IT pros to get started on your move. We’ve compiled a list of more than a dozen helpful Web sites and have listed their best features: from helping you find a new home, new schools for your children, reliable child care, and good doctors to applying for a mortgage online, setting up the movers, changing your utilities, getting your car registered, and calculating the cost-of-living changes involved in moving from one city to another. Download TechRepublic’s relocation guide for IT pros now!

“The Web was a huge help in my last move,” said Alice O’Hanlon, an IT manager with a government agency, who relocated for the third time last summer.

She chose a neighborhood and houses she was interested in by doing all of her searches on the Web. She then e-mailed photos and descriptions to her realtor. “We talked on the phone maybe five times during the process and I physically saw her three times during the whole thing,” said O’Hanlon.

Besides finding a home, O’Hanlon also shopped for new appliances online, and ordered all of her groceries and cleaning supplies from an Internet company, which delivered them to her new house on the day she arrived.

O’Hanlon also escaped waiting in long lines to get a driver’s license in her new state. Many states now have resources on the Internet that help movers obtain necessary forms and information online. Some states even offer online registration.

The Web sites O’Hanlon used during her move, as well as many other helpful sites, are listed in TechRepublic’s relocation guide for IT pros. Download it now!