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Download this sample letter of agreement for your small consulting jobs

When your next project is a simple one, don't waste time with a full-length contract. Download this sample letter of agreement to use as a substitute.

Drawing up contracts can be a real hassle. Because of the verbose and exhaustive language they often require, writing up an agreement can rival the time spent on the actual job.

When you’re performing a quick service—maybe a software upgrade on a few PCs or some straightforward server maintenance—your standard contract could be a waste of time. A short letter of agreement might be a better alternative. It should spell out the basics, such as the services performed, method of payment, and when payment will be made.

Meredith Little, who regularly contributes to TechRepublic in addition to working as a self-employed documentation specialist, offers a sample letter of agreement for those who work as independent consultants. This letter serves as a great model, and could be a real time-saver on those fast and simple projects. Download it now.
Have you experienced any contract nightmares lately? Any ingenious contract solutions you’ve concocted? Share them with your peers by posting a comment below. If you have contract questions, send them to us for consideration for future articles and downloads.

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