Download this sample RFC for Internet standards

If you're a Web developer and you want to get your protocol specification turned into an Internet standard, don't miss this sample Request for Comments (RFC) on the process, available for download from Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

If you’re a Web developer, you probably know that the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) publishes a series of documents called Requests for Comments (RFCs) that may eventually become Internet standards. The process of turning a protocol into a standard is long and onerous, and only a small minority of developers will see their protocol reach that status.

The Big Book of Best Current Practices (BCP) RFCs
By Pete Loshin
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Date published: June 2000
400 pages
ISBN: 012455847x
Price: $34.95 at

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Although RFCs are scattered all over the Web for your review, they are now available in one place in The Big Book of Best Current Practices RFCs, a comprehensive reference on the way the Internet works from an implementation and organizational perspective.

Click here to read "Best Current Practice 9: The Internet Standards Process," available for free download through a special arrangement between TechRepublic and Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, publishers of technical information resources for computer and engineering professionals. This chapter explains how a proposed Internet specification progresses from an Internet-Draft to an RFC along the standards track. It also covers consideration of the specification, specification reviews, and copyright issues.

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