Consultants want to ensure that they can perform the services they’ve promised to their clients. Clients want guarantees that the consultant they’ve hired will deliver—and make corrections if the project runs into trouble.

Service level agreements (SLAs) bring both sides together and map out each party’s responsibilities. SLAs can help you determine, for example, what you will provide to your client, what is beyond your responsibility, and who should be contacted when something goes wrong.

Several months ago, we asked our members to send us examples of service level agreements that they had used or come across in their work. Out of several, the best one we received was from an IT services company.

If you provide IT services to your clients, you can use this SLA as a benchmark by which to measure the level of service you’re providing to your clients. If you work for an organization that outsources its IT functions, you can use this SLA to help you review the level of service you’re receiving from your provider.

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