Securing your network from Internet threats has never been tougher. Every day, new viruses and vulnerabilities are uncovered, and it’s a challenge just to stay up to date on current security issues, let alone stay informed about how to handle new problems.

Luckily, the biggest conduit of network security hazards is also the best source of information and utilities for better securing your network: the Internet. Many sites on the Internet—from those of nonprofit organizations to those of companies that produce security products—offer useful, sometimes invaluable tools and information to improve network security.

To help you stay informed about the latest network security issues, we’ve compiled an extensive list of Internet resources into a single document you can download. The list is composed of links to pages featuring security products that perform a variety of functions and to the Web sites of organizations devoted to improving security, especially Internet security. We’ve also included links to hacker sites, which, believe it or not, can be excellent places to find information on exploits, vulnerabilities, and new threats, as well as great sources of utilities that can serve a number of purposes. Of course, you should proceed with caution when visiting the hacker sites, especially with regard to any files you may download.

One hacker site in particular seems to be a very good resource—AntiOnline. It offers news on the latest issues, along with an extensive collection of downloads you may find useful, including antivirus programs and scanners.

The mailing list sites can be useful, but you may want to use caution with them as well. While they offer an excellent means of sharing information with your peers and let you use peers as resources to solve problems, you could find yourself dealing with a steady stream of e-mail, much of which is irrelevant to you.

Many of the security product vendors on the list are well known, including Symantec and Network Associates, but others offer competing products or products that fall into other categories entirely that could offer you alternative means of securing your networks. You may be surprised by the variety of security products that are available.

The list of resources is extensive, and it would take some time to visit all of the sites. So you may simply want to bookmark or select those that offer the information, products, or services that meet your specific needs. The goal of this list of links is to provide you with as much information as possible to help you secure your networks. Download it and see what it has to offer. If you notice any invaluable sites we’ve left off the list, let us know.