All IT managers know that making technology purchases is not an easy process, especially when dealing with competing vendors. Though the process will never be a walk in the park, having a form that lets you keep track of all the relevant information makes things a little easier. TechRepublic member Cleo Raynes sent us a vendor selection form that we’re now offering as a download to all members.

The purchase officers at Cleo’s organization use this form to document prices and quotes from different suppliers and vendors. The purchasing officer fills up the necessary data, makes his or her recommendation, and forwards the form to the approving manager or officer.

The form includes fields that track up to five vendors’ names, their telephone or fax numbers, and their price quotes. Also included are columns for entering terms of payment, such as COD or 30 days to pay, as well as other relevant data specific to the vendor’s item, such as item number, description, and quantity (or unit of measure of items to be ordered). There is a designation for total price (and total price with discount, if applicable).

Once the purchasing officer makes a recommendation—by shading the vendor’s column and signing the form—it is sent to the approving officer who approves it and assigns a purchase order number.

In addition to the blank form, we’ve included a sample of a completed form with the download so you can see how things work. Download these forms now and get started on making your tech purchasing an easier process.