When a new technology arrives, the amount of information on the Internet devoted to it can be spotty and unreliable. For instance, there are several Web sites about Windows Longhorn, but very little can be gleaned from them since the product won’t be ready for distribution until 2005 (and who knows if that date is accurate).

Tablet PCs suffered the same speculative issues when word first got out that pen-based computing was a possibility. Speculation about how the Tablet PC would revolutionize notebook computing was rampant on the Internet, with many misinformed Web sites providing second- and third-hand information.

Today, quite a bit more is known about Tablet PC technology and the many uses that industries and consumers are finding for it. This wave of interest in Tablet PCs was furthered by the release of Microsoft’s Windows XP for Tablet PC Edition operating system. While Tablet PCs are still considered a new technology, the Web sites devoted to them and the new Microsoft OS are more reliable than their predecessors.

If you need proof, check out the many Web sites that describe how Tablet PCs work and what they can do. Better yet, download our Tablet PC online resource guide, which has conveniently collected many of those links and sorted them by hardware manufacturers, software developers, and Tablet PC forums.