Information security plans have become an important part of infrastructure planning and management as enterprise IT pros confront an increasing number of security threats and vulnerabilities. Developing a security strategy to support a new product or system can help you identify threats and take steps to lock down your product or system.

You can download our security plan template and customize it to get started.

Developing your security plan
Our template is a good place to start when building your security plan because it outlines industry standards and best practices that you can customize to fit your planning needs.

Use the template to build a security plan for a product or system, then attach the plan to the technical requirements and functional specifications for the project.

As you develop the plan, seek input from different teams, including engineering and development, product management, operations, and IT security.

About the security plan template
Developing this plan adds more documentation to the project. However, when the document is complete, you’ll have a plan for what to do if something goes wrong. At a minimum, this plan should explain:

  • The system to be secured.
  • Access controls put in place to govern access to the secured system.
  • Security for system backups.
  • Security processes and procedures.
  • Vulnerability testing results.
  • Roles and responsibilities of team members assigned to information security tasks.

A good starting point
As with all generic templates, you should modify this one to meet the needs of your team or product. If you discuss this security plan at a team meeting with the major stakeholders involved in the project development, you will be able to identify other elements the plan may need.