Providing a balanced, accurate picture of a project to stakeholders (customers, clients, executive management, etc.) is a key to success for IT managers. Effective communication about the status of an ongoing project can help identify potential problems and foster a culture of collaboration with stakeholders and the IT team.

To help, TechRepublic columnist Tom Mochal has created a project status report template that you can download.

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The template includes a series of yes-or-no questions that IT managers can use to chart the progress of a project. Some of the questions include:

  • Are project issues being addressed successfully?
  • Are project risks being successfully mitigated?
  • Are all customer concerns being addressed successfully?

Space is provided on the template to explain questions that are answered “no.”

The template also includes sections for:

  • A brief status report of the project.
  • An explanation of items that need more attention.
  • A list of the project’s major accomplishments.

Share a project’s status with its stakeholders

Download Mochal’s project status template and start spreading the news about your projects.