If you’re looking for a standard test to give new employees to see what they know, or if you’re planning some refresher courses on software basics, download our Word assessment test.

Brenda Dial, a trainer and frequent TechRepublic contributor, designed the test. It includes 24 questions that are divided into three eight-question sections to cover basic, intermediate, and advanced topics.

This test, which is based on Word 97, can be used as is or customized to fit your needs. If there is a particular skill that you want your employees to have, you may want to add a question to the test that covers that skill.

If you are using a version of Word other than Word 97, some of the questions may not match the commands and menus described in this test. You may need to edit some of the answers, but the test should still provide a basic assessment of Word skills.

Download this Word assessment test now to help you find out what your employees know and what they need to learn about Word.
What do you think of the test? Too easy? Too difficult? Let us know how well it works for you or what you would do to improve it.