Download this workbook to determine Win Server 2003 migration costs

At some point, a migration to Windows Server 2003 is going to require a budget. Why not take some of the formatting work out of creating an Excel workbook for this purpose and download our Windows Server 2003 budget spreadsheet instead?

Costs can get out of hand quickly during a major OS migration. Perhaps the costliest of these migrations is moving to Windows Server 2003. For forward-thinking IT managers, developing a comprehensive budget is obviously the best method to prepare for the upcoming expenditures associated with this type of migration. With this in mind, the editors here at TechRepublic have tweaked an earlier Excel budget workbook tool to specifically deal with Windows 2003 migration budgeting. Now you can download this tool and find out what this procedure should cost by simply filling in the fields provided. This spreadsheet can also help you do “what if” scenarios to experiment with other potential cost scenarios for the migration.

The spreadsheet is divided into three separate worksheets, with areas for entering licensing, software, and hardware information. Typical Windows 2003 migration costs are listed in some of the fields to help you get started. To verify how close your budget was to the actual (once your migration is complete), there is a section in each of the three main worksheets where you can sum up the actual costs. An additional worksheet is also provided to sum up the three worksheets, and you can use this last worksheet as an IT budget submission form to give to other managers. Feel free to adjust the spreadsheet to your needs, but keep in mind that there are cells tied to the IT Budget Submission form and it will not function if rows or columns are added to the Licensing, Software, and Hardware worksheets.

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