When you’re searching for a job, your resume is your opening line. If you can’t convey your qualifications clearly and concisely, your resume may end up in the nearest wastebasket.

Three lucky TechRepublic members were recently chosen to receive some expert advice on their resumes. (The members’ personal details were removed from the resumes.)

Download the “before” and “after” versions of these member resumes, complete with analyses and suggestions from Pat Kendall, a Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW). Her advice may turn you on to a new way to organize your skills or refresh a resume that’s grown stale.

Resume advice for consultants
Kendall advises that consultants create resumes that can be easily scanned by computer, as well as by the human eye. Keywords should be easy for a potential employer to spot as he or she browses your resume.

Kendall’s tips for creating a resume that’s easily scanned by computer include:

  • Do not use underlined or bold type.
  • Use a simple font like Arial, Helvetica, or Bookman.
  • Use at least a 10-point font.

For more useful tips and strategies to improve your resume, download Kendall’s complete comments and resume makeovers.

More about Pat Kendall
Kendall is the author of Jumpstart Your Online Job Search in a Weekend and is the coauthor of E-Resumes: Everything You Need to Know About Using Electronic Resumes to Tap into Today’s Hot Job Market. She also owns and operates Advanced Resume Concepts, a company based in Oregon’s “Silicon Forest.”

Kendall has worked extensively with IT consulting candidates, and she specializes in “difficult” resumes for career changers and job seekers with less-than-perfect backgrounds.

What’s your strategy?

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