XML (extensible markup language) is one of the Web’s most promising creations. Tim Landgrave is one of TechRepublic’s most popular writers.

So when Tim wrote a four-part series on XML a few months ago, the response was understandably overwhelming. We thought you would appreciate having all four columns in one place, so we’ve put them together as a download.

Although the IT industry has been slowly incorporating XML into mission-critical functions, this will likely be the year that XML becomes widely used.

Consider the recent announcement that the Securities and Exchange Commission has chosen PureEdge Solutions’ XML-based InternetForms product. The SEC will use the system to help companies submit financial filings over the Internet.

In a recent TechRepublic article, Gartner, a business technology advisor based in Stamford, CT, viewed this development as “an affirmation of XML’s usefulness.” (TechRepublic is a subsidiary of Gartner.)

To learn more about XML, its potential for the Web and what it might do for your business, download Tim’s four-part series now.
Is this the year that you begin using XML in your enterprise? Are you already using XML? Are there limitations to XML that you didn’t anticipate, or is it helping you more than you expected? Tell us about your XML experiences in an e-mail or post a comment below.