If you’re a project manager often tasked with small and medium-size projects, be sure to download this abbreviated project definition template. Created by project management guru Tom Mochal, this document will assist you in identifying and documenting your project.

The template addresses the following six areas:

  • Overview: This section describes the background and context for the project and why it is being undertaken. It also includes the business value of the project.
  • Scope: Defining the scope, including deliverables, means identifying the logical boundaries of the project. Among the areas you might discuss in the scope are data, processes, or applications.
  • Effort and cost: There are many ways to show the estimated effort, cost, and duration of a project. The template includes suggested categories.
  • Assumptions: Project assumptions are circumstances and events outside the team’s control that need to occur for the project to be successful, according to Mochal.
  • Risks: Risks are circumstances or events that can have an adverse effect on the project but can’t be controlled by the project team.
  • Approvals: This section lists several key signatures required for most projects.

Download this template to ensure everyone is on the same page before you begin your next project!

More downloads for project management
The following project management downloads are also available from TechRepublic:

  • “Basic IT forms to keep your projects on track”: Make your IT project proposals clear by putting them in writing. According to TechRepublic columnist Andy Weeks, such documentation doesn’t have to be complex. Check out his simple project management forms to keep your projects running smoothly.
  • “Project change request form”: Submitted by TechRepublic member Jack Kurek, this change request form defines the proposed project change and describes how it could affect scheduling, budgeting, and other projects. Download this Microsoft Word form to help you control scope creep.

What forms would you like to see?

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