During Dreamforce 2019 in San Francisco, Accenture, Salesforce, and Vlocity announced their partnership with ENGIE, an enterprise provider of low-carbon energy and services. The companies are working to deploy a unified customer relationship management (CRM) platform that prioritizes both customer success and movement toward zero-carbon energy, according to the press release.

Salesforce will provide its flexible CRM platform, with Accenture helping to define the business model, operational processes, and IT architecture. Vlocity will offer omnichannel and industry-specific cloud and mobile solutions on the CRM platform, while working closely with ENGIE to execute sustainable initiatives across B2C and B2B customer relationship transformation projects, the release said.

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In response to climate change and environmental concerns, ENGIE began focusing on sustainability in 2016, shifting their priorities toward providing low-carbon energy and services, the press release said. Prior to the shift, the company appeared to be a regular utility organization, but the change made sustainability integral to its current business model.

“Climate change is leading us into a world very different from the one we have known, one in
which no one can say, ‘it’s not my problem,'” Isabelle Kocher, CEO ENGIE, said in the release. “We decided to be part of the solution by moving to zero carbon and helping others do the same. Teaming with Accenture, Salesforce, and Vlocity has been an important part of this journey, allowing us to get a global view of our customers and move fast to build a more sustainable future.”

The rise in smart device production and use has raised environmental concerns, as tech providers realize the amount of energy needed to support this demand. The public has amplified these concerns, causing major tech companies to make commitments toward sustainable production.

One of the most recent examples involves Dell Technologies, which just announced its 2030 Progress Made Real plan. One of the pillars of this plan involves sustainability: Dell promised that by 2030, the company’s packaging will be made from recycled or renewable material, more than half of Dell’s product content will be made from recycled or renewable material, and for every product a customer buys, Dell will reuse or recycle an equivalent product.

The partnership between ENGIE, Accenture, Salesforce, and Vlocity adds to this movement toward sustainability.

“We are proud to support ENGIE’s drive to advance sustainable business solutions that help
address climate change,” Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, said in the press release. “This type of collaboration is critical to accelerating the world’s shift to a low-carbon economy.”

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