Once again, technology and clothing collide with the collaborative efforts of Philips, a Dutch electronics giant, and German fashion designer Anke Loh. Check out the news story: “High-tech fabric lights up the catwalk.”

According to the story, “Loh this week launched a new collection, ‘Dressing Light,’ in which each garment incorporates Philips’ new photonic fabric–which has arrays of light-emitting diodes that can display text, graphics, and animation.”

“Her collection is the first use of Philips’ light-emitting fabric, known as Lumalive, which was developed as a research project in 2005 and turned into a business enterprise this year. Commercial Lumalive products are likely to debut in 2007 and could extend to home and office furniture as well as clothing.”

I already foresee that this collection will be a big hit for teens, 20-something-year-olds, 30-something-year-olds, and others who frequent clubs, raves, and all-night dance parties. Glow sticks will become a thing of the past when pulsating, light-emitting images can be designed into clothing and accessories.

“Ultimately the images could be voice or movement triggered, and the whole ensemble could be hooked up to MP3 players, or to Bluetooth or other wireless technologies to receive Internet signals.”

When asked about “Dressing Light,” Loh responded, “It’s not just a dress, it’s not just technology. Together they speak with one another.”