Gone are the days of traditional business models. IT professionals are the pioneers and strategists of the new economy—e-commerce.

Despite the change, many of today’s business leaders have yet to understand that an Internet presence is crucial to survival in the new millennium. What they don’t realize is that selling products and services over the Web, connecting with the supply chain, and linking employees at remote locations are all becoming the norm, not the exception.

This is where IT consultants come into the picture, working their magic and illustrating to clients that if they don’t move now, they’ll be run over by the e-commerce machine.

Once you’ve convinced your client to tackle the Web, it’s your job to introduce the rest of the package, which includes security, infrastructure, and applications, just to name a few of the components of building an e-commerce system.

Fortunately, TechRepublic can help you sort through all these issues. The TechRepublic Research Index offers a full library of white papers, vendor documents, and research analysis on these very topics.
TechRepublic’s Research Index is your guide to in-depth white papers, case studies, market research, and analysis on pivotal industry topics, such as e-commerce, security, and retention. Don’t make a big decision without taking advantage of this wealth of in-depth research perspective. Search the Research Index.
Transforming the Mid-Market Enterprise to an E-Business
This Sand Hill Systems white paper discusses the benefits of giving your business a Web presence and becoming involved in e-commerce. The report also illustrates how Web presence improves efficiency, reduces costs, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Trends: 2000
This analyst report comes from Cutter Consortium, courtesy of its Business Intelligence Advisor publication. The report addresses major trends in data warehousing and business intelligence. According to the report, the current overall market for data warehousing and business intelligence hardware, software, and services is estimated to range from $33 billion to $35 billion.

Read more about data warehousing and business intelligence trends.

E-reality Sets In
META Group offers this report on what “American businesses are really doing with electronic commerce and electronic business.” It touches on the focus of investment now and in the future, the amount of money being spent on e-commerce today, and the effect the “e-era” will have on business strategies and processes. Read more about e-reality.
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