Mobile business app adoption has skyrocketed across the enterprise, as more organizations turn to these apps for a number of functions, according to a recent Strategy Analytics report. The mobile business app market is projected to hit $140 billion by 2023, the report found, as the global mobile workforce is set to increase to 1.88 billion that year.

“Workers’ appetites for mobile applications are increasing; they expect to have mobile access to business applications beyond email and voice,” Gina Luk, principal analyst of mobile workforce strategies at Strategy Analytics, said in a press release. “There is real demand for B2B and B2C mobile apps, web apps and apps connecting ‘things’ such as sensors and devices.”

The real value of these apps is linking mobile devices to existing corporate ERP systems and databases for business processes, such as CRM, Salesforce Automation, and Field Force Automation, Luk said in the release.

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“Ubiquitous access to this information, irrespective of the platform, is not only transforming how users access information, but also how businesses collect and leverage valuable data,” Luk added.

The evolution of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are driving the market forward, the report noted. 5G in particular will have a number of impacts on the enterprise, including enabling multi-person video calling and a fully-wireless, cloud-based office, with unified communications apps more reliably and consistently available, Luk said in the release.

“Mobile apps will become more powerful,” Andrew Brown, executive director of enterprise research at Strategy Analytics, said in the release. “Emerging technologies will help SMBs and large corporations create more integrated B2B / B2B2C experiences, and utilize mobile devices to administer and integrate the different apps at our disposal.”

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  • The mobile business app market is projected to hit $140 billion by 2023. — Strategy Analytics, 2018
  • 5G, AI, blockchain, and IoT are driving the mobile enterprise app market forward. — Strategy Analytics, 2018