Dropbox Business adds multi-team admins to help large teams stay organized

The new feature is helpful for customers whose organizations have grown in scale. Here's how it works.

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Dropbox's new multi-team admin feature helps large organizations better manage their workflows, according to a Dropbox blog post provided to TechRepublic. The feature allows organizations to manage multiple Dropbox Business teams by giving admin privileges to various departments.

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By giving multiple departments admin privileges, they are able to sync and update their Business accounts without signing in and out repeatedly, which was a major pain point for customers in the past, the blog post said.

With many Dropbox customers' businesses growing, this feature can help them stay organized and maintain a seamless workflow, the post added. For example, if a company's sales, marketing, and finance teams each set up Dropbox Business accounts for their own departments, they can grant admin privileges to the company's central IT team, allowing the IT professionals to assist and track activity across all accounts, said the post.

Once granted access to more teams, admins are able to jump between all accounts they have access to, whenever they want. This helps expand visibility and forge better communication amongst members of large organizations, the post added.

Dropbox has added a number of features in the past couple years meant to improve the collaborative offering for businesses, including a timelines feature, design tool integrations, a new API endpoint, and more organizational features. These moves represent further efforts for Dropbox to compete with enterprise collaboration leaders like Google's G Suite or Microsoft Office 365.

The Early Access program will be available in the coming weeks.

Image: Dropbox

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Dropbox Business added multi-team admins, granting admin privileges to more people across multiple accounts.
  • The feature helps create better visibility and communication across large companies. -- Dropbox, 2019

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