On Thursday, Dropbox announced that its Dropbox Paper enterprise offering would get a new feature aimed at improving project planning and collaboration. The feature–called timelines–allows team members to create clean visual representations of project timelines and assignments, according to a blog post.

Coordinating projects can be difficult, in terms of keeping teams clear on overall goals, individual tasks, and project status, the post noted. Timelines aims to improve this process by helping users map out each step of a project to keep everyone involved on the same page.

Users can create timelines by dragging and dropping projects and assignments to the timeline in Dropbox Paper, and customizing them by color for improved organization, the post said. You can also use the timelines feature to assign tasks to team members and add due dates, to make sure people know who is responsible for what, and when things need to be finished.

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With timelines, users can also add notes to any item to provide details like status updates or links to supporting documents, the post said. You can also set project milestones to mark events like deadlines and launch dates, and better align project tasks to your overall schedule, according to the post.

Finally, timelines can be used to zoom in or out to view as little as a week of a project or as far ahead as a year, depending on what view of a project you need, the post said.

Timelines is the latest in a number of features meant to improve the collaborative offering, including design tool integrations, a new API endpoint, and more organizational features, as reported by our sister site ZDNet. These moves represent further efforts for Dropbox to compete with enterprise collaboration leaders like Google’s G Suite or Microsoft Office 365.

Timelines is available today for all Dropbox Paper users.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Dropbox Paper received an updated feature called timelines that aims to help companies better manage projects and collaborate.
  • Timelines,available now for Dropbox Paper users, allows users to drag and drop assignments and coordinate by color for better project organization.