On Monday, Dropbox announced that its Professional and Business Standard users would receive an additional terabyte of space with no change in price.

Individual Professional accounts will jump from 1TB to 2TB (2,000 GB) of storage, while team Business Standard accounts will rise from 2TB to 3TB (3,000 GB), according to a blog post.

The extra storage will be available for all new Dropbox Professional and Business Standard subscriptions starting today, the post said. Storage for existing accounts will increase in the coming weeks.

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The larger storage size will give users more room to get work done, according to the post. Dropbox Smart Sync is included in both plans as well, which can help professionals access all of their work without taking up hard drive space.

An extra terabyte per plan will also help users free up space on their phones, as they can upload photos and videos to Dropbox directly from their device and then delete them from the device to recover space. This may be especially helpful for marketing and social media professionals.

Users that make regular presentations can more easily store and share large files like videos or CADs to clients and elsewhere. Anyone can mark up those file previews from a web browser without downloading any special software, the post noted. Users with Professional plans can share files as presentations with Dropbox Showcase as well.

While the additional storage space may make Dropbox a more attractive cloud provider for the enterprise, it faces tough competition in terms of pricing from Apple. Dropbox Professional costs $16.58/month, while Business Standard costs $12.50/user/month. Meanwhile, Apple’s iCloud 2TB storage plan costs $9.99/user/month in the US. However, Apple has not yet offered storage above 2TB for purchase.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Dropbox has increased the storage on its Professional and Business Standard accounts to 2TB and 3TB, respectively, with no cost increase.
  • The increased storage may make Dropbox a more enterprise-friendly cloud storage option.