Dropbox, Salesforce add asset management features and Quip integration

Dropbox and Salesforce expanded their partnership, with a focus on solutions for productivity and collaboration.

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Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:
  • Dropbox and Salesforce have expanded their partnership with new tools for digital asset engagement and Quip integrations.
  • Dropbox has expanded partnerships with Salesforce, Google, and others, after filing for an initial public offering in February.

On Friday, Dropbox and Salesforce announced the expansion of their partnership to better streamline work and create new ways for teams to collaborate across sales, service, marketing, and commerce. The two companies said they plan to "reimagine the work experience, building new solutions that remove the obstacles to getting work done," according to a Dropbox blog post.

The expanded partnership will link the two platforms more tightly for joint customers, as noted by our sister site ZDNet. The first two initiatives aim to help users boost productivity and stay in their workflow, according to the post.

With the upcoming integration, Dropbox and Salesforce users will gain new tools for working with digital assets such as catalogs and service manuals. The Digital Asset Engagement solution will help users create personalized folders within Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud that can be accessed internally and externally, for a two-way workflow that maintains up to date content, the post said.

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The companies also announced a Quip integration for Dropbox, which will allow users to access Dropbox content directly within Salesforce, as well as store and work on Quip files in Dropbox. The Quip team is now working on a Dropbox Live App, which will allow users to access live-updating Dropbox files within Quip as well, the post noted.

The new integrations will roll out later this year, according to the post.

"The goal is to bring together and further integrate our platforms and build new tools," said Dropbox COO Dennis Woodside told ZDNet. "We have been partners for four years, but this is taking everything to a new level in terms of bringing our two companies together. This is entering a strategic partnership of a different magnitude."

This expanding Salesforce partnership comes on the heels of Dropbox filing for an initial public offering in February, ZDNet noted. Dropbox also announced a partnership with Google for deeper G Suite integration--particularly surprising, ZDNet noted, as the two companies are considered rivals in the cloud storage and collaboration space.

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