One problem people need to be aware of is the possibility that they will update the time correctly on the new schedule but that may not be the end of your troubles.

What if you then do a backup restore and the date change gets reset without you realizing it?

Or, what if you update the time and have the automatic software update it again at what used to be the correct time. (Better check your system clocks on April 2 this year if no one is there to check them on April 1!)

A double change could even be an unintended consequence of some of the date update patches and we’ll never know until April Fool’s Day!!

Just remember that even if you fix the date problem by resetting the time at the correct time on March 11 at 2 a.m., circumstances may result in it getting changed again on April 1 when a lot of software had been set to make the change!!

Your work on this won’t really be done until you have checked everything on April 2.