Anyone who knows me, knows that that I’ve been a longtime fan of OS/2. I’ve written a few articles and posted some blog entries about OS/2 here on TechRepublic. I even still have a computer at home that runs OS/2 along with a test machine here at the TechRepublic Labs that runs eComStation, the successor to OS/2. 

With Windows Vista’s final arrival, OS/2 fades further and further into obscurity. I still run it occasionally, and I know that it still has a fairly large following, especially in Europe. But pretty much the only place you’ll find OS/2 any more is in shops with some real old legacy applications, or next to the word Irrelevant in the dictionary.

That’s what I thought was pretty cool about a recent Wiki entry I found that talked about OS/2 and Windows Vista. It showed how you could configure the Windows Vista Boot Manager to play nice with OS/2. You couldn’t run them at the same time, but you were presented the option to boot either OS/2 or Windows Vista when you started your computer.

This article wasn’t hosted on Wikipedia. Rather, I found it on the EDM/2 Web site, a site which is chock full of all sorts of OS/2 tips and tricks. 

The machine I have at home that runs OS/2 is configured boot DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 98, Windows 2000, and SuSe Linux 9.2 all at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s way too underpowered to run Vista. Even so, for die-hard OS/2 fans who are being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, this is a pretty cool trick.