In one of my previous blog posts, I opened a big ole can of worms, earworms that is. Earworms, as you probably know, are those songs that get caught in our heads (usually very insipid, annoying ones) that you can’t seem to get rid of. TechRepublic members responded to that post in droves, providing me with about 700 billion MORE insipid songs to get caught in my already beleaguered head. Then I started getting into my head these little song snippets that I can’t even identify. Until now, that is.

If you forget the title of a song, there’s a new way to jog your memory— This site allows you to find a song by typing some lyrics or humming a portion of it into its recording mechanism. Then it provides you with the title and a means by which to buy the song (if you are masochistically inclined, that is). Think of it as a public service for earworm sufferers everywhere.