Lately, I’ve been chatting up Kingsoft Office as one of the finest mobile office suites on the market. Not only does it allow you to create and work with Microsoft Office default file types, it also allows you to easily share some of those files. One type, in particular, is presentations.

Imagine being in a room full of Android users and needing to share out a presentation. Even without a projector, you can still get that presentation to those mobile users. The solution is Kingsoft Office’s built-in Shareplay service. With this, you can take your presentation and play it on other mobile devices that also have Kingsoft installed.

Of course, before you share presentations, you have to create them. Let’s walk through the process of creating a simple presentation on Kingsoft and then sharing it out to other users. I will assume you already have Kingsoft Office installed on your device and are ready to begin the process of creation.

Presentation creation

Before I begin this, let me make it perfectly clear that I am not focusing on how to design an effective presentation. This is simply about getting the presentation created and shared, so I won’t be dealing with the more intricate details of presentation design.

As you might expect, the creation of a presentation is fairly easy. Naturally, because this is a mobile platform, you won’t be adding any of the fancier animations found in desktop versions of presentation tools. But for basic presentations, you’ll get the job done (and do so anywhere).

Here are the steps for creating a presentation:

Step one: open Kingsoft Office
Tap the Kingsoft launcher in the app drawer to start the application. From the Kingsoft Office main screen (Figure A), tap the New Document button to begin.
Figure A

Kingsoft Office running on a Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy Tab.

After you’ve tapped the New Document window, select the Presentation template. A new, blank document will open.

Step two: Create the presentation
Once the template is opened, you’ll be prompted to add the title and subtitle for the first slide (Figure B).
Figure B

Double-tap the title and type the necessary text.

At first blush, it seems that there are only a few tools available for creating/editing slides. If, however, you tap the “P” drop-down in the upper left corner, a new toolbar will appear (Figure C).
Figure C

Now you can really get down to work.

With this new toolbar opened, you can:

  • Adjust fonts
  • Adjust text layout
  • Change the view
  • Add bullets
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Share

If you don’t see every option, you can slide the toolbar to the right and left to reveal the remaining icons.

  • To add a new slide, tap the plus sign [+] icon in the left navigation
  • To edit text within a box, double-tap the text and begin typing

Once you’ve finished creating your presentation, tap the Save As button and give the presentation a name. You’re now ready to share this presentation with your fellow Kingsoft Office users.


The one caveat to sharing via Kingsoft Office is that everyone must be on the same network. This will not work with Kingsoft Office users working off their carrier network, because they must be able to see one another. With that in mind, let’s share a presentation. Here are the steps:

  1. On your table, open the presentation to be shared
  2. In the toolbar, tap the Shareplay button
  3. In the resulting window (Figure D), record the Access code you are given
  4. Share the access code with the users that want to view the presentation

Figure D

You can also invite a TV or projector if you have one available.

With the access code in hand, all the users have to do is:

  1. Open up Kingsoft Office
  2. Pull down the “K” drown-down in the upper left corner
  3. Scroll the toolbar to the side until you see the Join Shareplay icon
  4. Tap the Join Shareplay icon
  5. Enter the access code
  6. Tap OK

NOTE: If you have more than six users that need to view the presentation, you’ll have to make use of a projector. Currently, Kingsoft Office can only share with six users.

At this point, the end users will be able to see your presentation. You can swipe to the right or left to switch slides, or you can press the play (or autoplay) button to have the slideshow display automatically.

Kingsoft Office continues to impress with a healthy feature set and the ability to easily interoperate with Micosoft Office. Having the ability to share your presentations directly to other Android devices brings Kingsoft Office to the best in breed classification.

Have you used Kingsoft Office or other applications to view presentations via mobile devices? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.