There’s some good news for all Web developers. The Eclipse Foundation has announced the release of Eclipse Development Tools (PDT) 1.0 Project for the Eclipse platform. The Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), more popular for Java development, is a platform loaded with features that makes it a generic platform, more like an IDE for IDEs (customized for different programming tools).

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“A lot of people are using Eclipse for integrating tools, and lots of developers use more than one language,” Ian Skerrett, Eclipse marketing director, told “PDT expands Eclipse into the large PHP community of over 4.5 million developers and we’re excited.”

The PHP Project for Eclipse was in the works for two years. Zend Technologies, the developers of the Zend PHP Studio IDE, were the lead contributors of the project.

Embracing the Eclipse platform seems to be a part of Zend’s strategy for future products. The Eclipse platform has been an extensible framework for providing developer tools for several programming languages.

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