On Thursday, Google Cloud and AT&T announced a new collaboration for enterprises to use 5G edge computing solutions to address business challenges. The edge computing options will utilize Google Cloud’s core capabilities in Kubernetes, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics.

The benefits of edge computing mean that businesses can move their infrastructure from centralized locations to the edge and run applications closer to end users to minimize latency, optimize operations, provide stronger security and deliver better end user experiences. These edge computing solutions will be powered by AT&T’s network.

“We are delighted to work with AT&T, a 5G leader, to help enterprises and the industry harness the potential of 5G,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud, in a press release. “Our co-innovation with AT&T aims to bring a multitude of 5G and edge computing solutions to address a diversity of use cases, driving real business value in industries like retail, manufacturing, gaming and more.”

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Edge computing solutions can span industries such as manufacturing, retail, transportation, local enterprise 5G, and gaming. Edge computing refers to generating, collecting, and analyzing data at the site where data generation occurs, and not necessarily at a centralized computing environment such as a data center. It uses digital devices–often placed at different locations–to transmit the data in real time or later to a central data repository.

“We’re working with Google Cloud to deliver the next generation of cloud services,” said Mo Katibeh, EVP and CMO, AT&T Business, in a press release. “Combining AT&T’s network edge, including 5G, with Google Cloud’s edge compute technologies can unlock the cloud’s true potential. This work is bringing us closer to a reality where cloud and edge technologies give businesses the tools to create a whole new world of experiences for their customers.”

Google Cloud and AT&T will also work with independent software vendors, solutions providers, developers, and other technology companies to build new solutions using Google Cloud, the AT&T Network Edge, and their own capabilities.

This isn’t the first time the two tech giants have partnered together for cloud services for the enterprise. Two years ago, AT&T and Google Cloud announced a new partnership to more securely connect business customers to the cloud. Then, the pair tapped into Google Cloud Partner Interconnect, which established a direct connection between an on-prem data center and Google’s platform for hybrid cloud deployments through 23 global partners, including AT&T.

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