Improved connectivity for AT&T mobile users is on the way, due to upgrades and tuning before the iPhone arrives.

This is important for every AT&T cellular caller, because with more T-1 lines into cell towers, there’s more chance to call out when there’s a call peak (when, oh, say, there’s a closure on The Four Oh Five). Bandwidth absolutely limits calling into and out of a cell; in a cell with only one T-1, what happens if you’re caller number 25? Sorry, Charlie, all circuits are busy now.

iPhones, however, will not have 3G data service, and I will admit the EDGE service I have is infuriatingly slow at times. I look out onto the Promised Land of HSPDA with my next smartphone, the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Nokia E90.

Meanwhile, the rest of the industry doth not rest upon their laurels; Taiwan’s OEM cell phone giant HTC rolled out Yet Another No-Keypad phone, rivaling LG’s Prada (mentioned here last week).

Are you happy with the AT&T Wireless, err, Cingular, err, AT&T cellular network, for both data and voice? Join the discussion.