Educate your users with this security presentation

If you are truly committed to your company's information security, you need to take steps beyond locking down your systems. You need to educate your end users. Download this free information security presentation to get started.

Just as a team of people climbing a mountain are only as fast as their slowest walker, an organization's information is only as secure as its least security-conscious employee. For that reason, IT professionals need to take a proactive role in educating employees throughout their organization about the importance of information security and the steps those employees need to take to play their part in the organization's security plan.

To help in this endeavor, we are providing a PowerPoint presentation on information security as a free download. The original presentation was provided by a TechRepublic member who used it to educate end users at his company. It includes:
  • A definition of information security.
  • An explanation of the threats to information security.
  • A look at where an organization can be vulnerable to these threats.
  • A discussion of passwords, why they are important, and how they should be handled.
  • Examples of strong and weak passwords.
  • A tutorial on using mnemonics to create strong passwords.

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