While last week’s election debacle left the country wondering who won, I couldn’t shake another, and in my mind, more important question: Why are we filling in circles and punching holes?

For those of you who don’t keep up with U.S. politics, the presidential election appears likely to wind up in the courts after approximately 19,000 ballots in the key state of Florida were discarded for being punched twice.

Surely, I reasoned, we have the technology to do better than this. Didn’t programmers solve this “hole punch” thing about 20 years ago?

And I’m not the only one wondering this, as I discovered when watching the news and citizen after citizen asked the news camera: Don’t we have the technology to fix this?

We all know technology could resolve the confusion problems caused by these types of ballots and provide faster, more reliable results. In Europe, for instance, some countries use electronic voting.

But how do we ensure that an electronic voting system would be accurate and hacker-proof? And who would be responsible for implementing e-voting? Do you think this means the President or Congress should appoint a national CIO to tackle this task?

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