When it comes to holiday gifts, isn’t even the most civilized adult just like a little kid — even if doesn’t show on the outside? Of course, if you’re the typical IT pro, the latest geeky gadget or gizmo on the market is drool-worthy. But is this electronic admiration apparent in today’s youth? According to a recent BIGresearch survey, commissioned by the National Retail Federation, the answer is yes.

According to Reuters:

Following are this year’s top 10 holiday wish-lists, in chronological order starting with No. 1:
Boys: Transformers; video games; Nintendo Wii; cars (generic); Spider-Man; Legos; Thomas the Tank Engine; Xbox 360; Elmo; and remote-controlled vehicles
Girls: Barbie; Bratz; dolls (generic); Dora the Explorer; Disney Princess; Disney Hannah Montana; Nintendo Wii; Webkinz; Elmo; and American Girl

Okay, so the division of the sexes is already apparent, but is it accurate? The survey polled 7,982 U.S. consumers, however, the story fails to identify how many of those respondents are children. My guess is zero. I bet the 7,982 were all parents who voted not only for what’s popular but also what they deemed as being gender-appropriate. Sure, some things are unisex, like the Wii. Furthermore, what is the age range of the kids for these lists? Both of them have Elmo as the 9th most popular item, but I’d seriously like to see a boy’s face who is older than age five after he unwraps a fuzzy red Elmo from under the tree on Christmas morning.

For all the big kids out there (yes, that means you), what items are on your top 10 wish list? Do you think male and female IT pros have different items on their lists?

To start it out for the gals, here’s my top 10: Quality digital camera, big HD LCD TV, in-dash DVD receiver for my ride, fully-functional laptop, iPhone, Nintendo Wii, i-mate Momento Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame 70, Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, a seamless GPS device, and Behringer’s iAXE393 USB-Guitar. And no, I don’t want any of those things in pink!