EMC, like many other enterprise vendors, is moving toward the cloud nonstop. Their latest product announcement in that category, LEAP, is a suite of cloud-native apps that help businesses get more out of their content.

LEAP was announced at EMC World 2016, the Federation’s yearly tech conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a press release announcing the apps, EMC said it hopes LEAP can speed companies toward digital transformation.

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The idea for LEAP came from EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD). The apps in the suite are purpose-built to provide enterprise content management capabilities for a variety of industries and use cases.

“Our goal with the EMC LEAP family is to humanize the experience of interacting with business content,” said Rohit Ghai, president of ECD.

Both apps from EMC and from third-parties will comprise LEAP’s offering, along with a platform and a marketplace for the apps. LEAP apps will work with any content repository, but they’re designed to work best with the repositories available through EMC-owned content management platform Documentum.

Five apps were announced in conjunction with LEAP:

  1. LEAP Courier, an app for internal and external document exchange, document validation, and tracking.
  2. LEAP Snap, an enterprise document capture app that pulls in relevant, unstructured data, and turns it into usable business content.
  3. LEAP Concert, a Google Docs-esque tool for collaboration on a work document with specific permissions and workflows.
  4. LEAP Express, an application that enables enterprise search of all business content across multiple platforms.
  5. LEAP Focus, a document viewing app that automatically reformats a digital document based on the form factor from which it was accessed.

As part of the LEAP announcement, EMC also announced that it was partnering with DocuSign to provide e-signature and digital transaction management (DTM) capabilities to its apps.

Existing EMC customers who are using Documentum products will get free access to LEAP apps through a newly announced Loyalty Tier.

The first two apps, Courier and Snap are available in a limited release now, but will be generally available in June. EMC is still recruiting beta testers for the remaining three apps ands hopes to have them generally available in the second half of this year. LEAP apps use value-based pricing and are available on a pay-per-use subscription basis.

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In addition to the LEAP suite of apps, EMC also announced EMC InfoArchive 4.0, the latest iteration of its data archiving solution. InfoArchive 4.0 is horizontally scalable and handles both structured and unstructured data.

According to an EMC press release, this new version of InfoArchive has compliance capabilities such as “retention management, legal holds, data masking, and PCI compliance without the need to copy or reprocess data after it has been ingested.” EMC InfoArchive 4.0 also offers out-of-the-box compliance for data leveraged through Hadoop.

EMC customers can also now get to their data with SAP, due to integration with SAP Archivelink and InfoArchive 4.0.

EMC InfoArchive 4.0 will be available publicly on June 13, 2016

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. EMC announced a new suite of cloud-native content apps called LEAP, which make it easier for companies to use their business content.
  2. The first five apps to launch with LEAP mostly deal with documents, including tools for document exchange, capture, collaboration, search, and viewing.
  3. EMC also announced the latest version of its InfoArchive product, InfoArchive 4.0, which handles structured and unstructured data and bring increased compliance.