Following in the footsteps of its United States and United Kingdom operations, EMC today announced the launch of consulting services for Asia Pacific and Japan as well as Latin America.

With the increasing emphasis on storage management, and addressing a need to educate customers on the benefits of information lifecycle management (ILM), EMC is building on the consulting services operation it has used in the US for close to three years by establishing the EMC Consulting brand in Australia and other global regions.

“We’ve already been providing consulting services for many of our customers
in Australia, this announcement gives us a brand to publicise the consulting
services we offer” said Jordan Reizes, marketing director for EMC Australia and New Zealand.

The main areas addressed by EMC Consulting include: classification and policy services, architecture and consolidation services, storage management optimisation services and information protection services.

As the storage industry moves more into providing integrated hardware and software solutions through increased R&D and acquisitions, more organisations are looking to develop storage strategies that will help them cope with compliance issues and rapidly growing stores of information.

According to Derrell James, senior vice president of EMC Technology Solutions, “We have built and expanded a highly specialised and focused consulting team … to ensure that organisations worldwide have the right technology processes in place to achieve new levels of business agility.”

Though no new hires have been announced in Australia, EMC’s Reizes said, “We expect to be increasing the size of our consulting services department later in the year.”