Emplify co-founder and CEO Santiago Jaramillo spoke with TechRepublic’s Alison DeNisco Rayome at the company’s office in Fishers, Indiana, about how Agile practices can improve employee engagement and retention. You can watch the video above, or read the transcript below.

Santiago Jaramillo:I think it’s really important for leaders to use Agile Practice, because what we’re doing today is generally not working, right? The experience that most of us have in trying to prioritize employee initiatives that are going to help improve employee engagement is doing an annual survey, taking three months to get the data back, two months to get an action plan, one month to get together to actually do them, and then we find out that by the time the next survey’s coming, we haven’t done much about it. Employees are wondering, “Why am I filling this out again?”, and managers are secretly asking themselves, “Why do we do this if we don’t take many actions from it?”

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Agile completely revolutionized how leaders thought about managing product and engineering resources. The same thing is happening with HR, employee engagement, and culture. Rather than trying to sign up for a hundred point list once a year, it can be so much more impactful and so much more valuable to prioritize one or two of the most important things every 90 days. Then every 90 days, measuring our progress and reprioritizing what’s the number one and number two things that are most important in the next quarter, and continuing to measure, iterate, learn from what you’re doing, and continually prioritize the right things at a more frequent interval, that’s going to be so much more effective, so much more valuable to increasing employee engagement than a non-agile approach to employee engagement.

I would appoint leaders to software companies that have, that support an agile engagement methodology, that are able to get data and measurements in a more frequent basis that truly make those insights actionable, so that leaders can pick off one or two things every quarter. Certainly, we’re one of those options, so www.emplify.com, and there’s a whole host of providers as well that can help leaders with a more agile approach to measuring and improving employee engagement and culture for their organization.