When does encrypted not mean secure? Maybe when your government is working with Microsoft

to make sure they have ‘back door’ entry to your data! That’s what has been reported by the BBC


The impending release of Windows Vista and it’s BitLocker

Drive Encryption has been noted by the authorities as a concern, meaning law

enforcement agencies will find it much more difficult to access data on

confiscated PC’s. A Cambridge academic Ross Anderson prompted the

government to look at creating some type of “back door” to bypass

encryption. The government later

confirmed that it is in talks with Microsoft, Microsoft also confirmed that

they ‘will continue to partner with governments, law enforcement and industry

to help make the internet a safer place to learn and communicate’.

It seems to me that any ‘back door’ will of course be abused

and also over time be discovered by people who are not supposed to know about

them, therefore rendering the whole thing a pointless waste of time. The very concept of creating a ‘back door’ in

an encrypted system renders the whole encryption process pointless. Any thoughts?