Following on from talk of Windows Vista encryption and Microsoft’s

collaboration with authorities to create a backdoor—I have been snooping around

to see what is offered to Linux users in the way of disk encryption.  Full encryption has been available to Linux

users for quite some time, however setup has been a trick affair and lots of

average or desktop users will have kept clear.

I stumbled across this interesting

blog describing LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) / Gnome integration which

may be available in FC5.  The video

(click on the picture) shows how easy mounting an encrypted disk can be, this

is much easier than mounting an encrypted USB key in Windows which normally involves

executing a program to access the encrypted area.

Not using Fedora myself (liked it up until FC2 and after

that decided I prefer Ubuntu), I went looking for some more info, I found this great

guide which I have just followed for my 2GB USB key.