ActiveX is out and AJAX is in — this is the message from .NET-based CMS provider Ektron, whose customers include the Commonwealth Bank, Sydney Opera House and ESPN.

Ektron will start replacing ActiveX with Microsoft’s Atlas AJAX Framework in an upcoming release of its flagship CMS product.

According to Ektron CEO Bill Rogers, “there needs to be a time when you need to get rid of it — and that’s what we are doing with ActiveX, we are phasing out all ActiveX controls”.

The uptake of modern browsers such as Firefox and IE6/7 has allowed Ektron to make the move from ActiveX to AJAX. Rogers said “even a year ago, you couldn’t get enough adoption of the latest browsers — now that that is there we can do the functionality to eliminate ActiveX controls”.

Whether this change will affect business opportunities, Rogers claimed that it will not affect them presently, but a path of continuing ActiveX usage will “hurt us going forward though”.

Rogers was in Sydney yesterday to launch the Australian branch of the Ektron user group.